Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/5

At my office door on the 4th of APRIL - and it's still snowing!

In my corner of the universe
spring waits, wanting to wake, 
ready to rise from frozen ground, 
through patches of snow,
through earth athirst for April’s rains…

I know that spring will come, Lord:
a blooming green triumph over winter’s sway,
with breezes sweeping clean the sidewalks,
the paths that lead to summer’s rest…

I'm sure that spring will come, Lord,
but I also pray a springtime in my soul:
with hope rising from a winter-chilled heart,
melting icy fears
with mercy’s morning dew...

I lift my heart to you, Lord,
waiting to wake,  to rise,
to be lifted up
to your strong loving arms…

Rise, Lord and spring within me
victory, graced and blooming...
Breathe on me your Spirit
sweeping clean the pathways of my heart...

Spring-clean my soul for April’s visit:
resurrect my hope in you
and in your season, in your time,
rouse your life within me...



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