Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/13

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Thursday morning, I had breakfast on the small porch on the side
of my house.  It was a glorious spring morning and the porch was
bright with sunlight.  Over my scrambled eggs and salsa, I began
to pray about things I'm grateful for, things I too easily take for

Thank you, Lord, for this morning,
for the warmth of this new day,
for the sunlight and clean air
I so easily take for granted...

Thank you for this porch
and even more for the house I live in:
for its walls and windows, roof and basement,
its running water, heat in the winter, summertime AC
- and for the people of my parish who provide me
with this home...

Thank you for the street I live on,
for the freedom to walk it,
for those who maintain it
and for those who guard it from fire and foe...

Thank you for the food before me
and for the fridge and cupboards
supplying my needs
without my having to worry...

Thank you for the day ahead of me,
for whatever it brings and wherever it takes me
and thank you for all I'll meet today,
whoever they may be,
whatever they may ask of me...

Thank you for this ordinary day
made extraordinary
by your Spirit nudging me to pray,
to look beyond my scrambled eggs and salsa
and to remember, Lord, how all good gifts,
the greatest and the smallest,
come from your generous hand...

And that is why I owe you
all my praise and my thanksgiving:
so many are your gifts, O Lord,
let me take none of them for granted...


For what simple things are you grateful today? 


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