Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 5/21

Photo by CP, Sunday, May 15

Only twelve days ago, Lord, was I musing, wondering,
what might this green life, sprouting
just outside my church...

Someone guessed at hostas
and it looks like she was right!
But oh, what's happened in short a time:

Photo by CP, Friday, May 21

All this through chilly nights and cloudy days
with too much rain and not enough sun
but still: all this growth...

Nature works so easily with you, Lord:
accepting what you send and doing with it
even when there's not too much to work with...

Nurture my growth, Lord,
and let your life rise up in me
to bring me to full stature,
to the person
you created me to be...

Help me grow, Lord -
the alternative is so unhappy -
help me grow...



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1 comment:

  1. Dear Father Fleming,

    You are the one that always has a prayer for me when I need one and can't find the words! Thank you!
    Your delightful photos reminded me, just in time for The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity of this explanation of the Trinity:
    God the Father is a deep root, the Son is the shoot that breaks forth into the world, and the Spirit is that which spreads beauty and fragrance.
    ~ Tertullian, ca. 155-240 AD

    Peace and blessings,



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