Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/3

Dear God,

Sometimes I can almost reach out and touch you,
   it seems you are that close
and sometimes I can feel your arm around my shoulder,
   so very real and welcome is your comfort...

And other times, I wonder where you've gone,
   if you've abandoned or forgotten me:
in those times, Lord, I wonder if the close times
   were only what I'd hoped for or imagined...

But then you're there again, just as before,
   and I know that you are real, not just a dream.
I'm the one who comes and goes, Lord:
   while you are faithful and unchanging in your love...

So when my fear, my anger and self-pity
   blind me to your presence and keep me from your touch:
give me grace to wait, to wait for you, Lord,
   until I find you once again right by my side...



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