Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 6/11

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What I'd like to have, Lord,
   is a spiritual GPS to map a path for my life
     where all the roads are level and smooth...

Of bumps and potholes I've had enough!
   Something newly paved, firm and smooth, 
      would be a welcome change...

Of dark valleys and steep hills I've had my fill:
   a level highway would make my day  -
      and help me make my way to you...

Why is it, Lord, that fidelity's path
   is so often rough and rocky, with twists and turns
      and uphill climbs that seem to never end?

Why is the way of your word and will
   so often the hardest road to walk
      while other paths, to right and left,
         seem shorter and easier to take?

If I've made a wrong turn, Lord,
   show me the way I should have gone:
      let your word be a map and your wisdom a compass
         to show me the right direction...

And if, indeed,  I'm on the right path:
   show me your face and take my hand
      and let your good spirit guide me along the way...

I trust you never mislead me:
   that for reasons known to you alone
      the path I'm on is the path that's mine
         and you're always by my side..

When short-cuts beckon to ways
   that lead away from you,
      strengthen my resolve to follow you,
         to never walk alone...

When I tire of the path I'm on
    and can't see where it leads;
when I'm not sure where it all began
   or how I got this far;
when I wonder if the journey's worth the pain:
   give me breath to take another step
      and a glimpse of where I'm going;
let me see you've brought me safe thus far
   and will bring me safely home...

Be with me, Lord, along the way
   as you're with me now in prayer,
for you're my Lord, my only God
   and I want to do your will...
I only want to walk the way
   that leads to you, my God...


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