Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/9

Photo by Rich Yamartino

A single peony, Lord:
   so beautiful, pure and natural...
   so innocent, clean, unspoiled...
   so classic, bright and true to itself...

I'm afraid I'm none of those things anymore, Lord,
though I may have been
when I was younger, long ago...

Now I'm tarnished, bruised and worn
by things my beauty had no right
to think or say or do...

But all things are possible with you, Lord,
so I ask you to make me over
from the inside out:
with the grace of your love
restore the beauty that's mine,
created in your image and likeness....

with the waters of mercy,
make me clean and pure,
as innocent as the day I was born...

with your power and strength
make me true to your word, to myself
and your Spirit within me...
Make me new again this spring, Lord:
remake me, reshape me and reform me
that my better self give glory and praise
from my grateful heart to you...



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