Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/25

Sometimes, Lord,
   in spite of all that's going on around me
      and happening inside me,
there comes into my life a moment's grace:
   pure gift from your heart into mine...

There comes a time when, without a doubt,
   I know your presence in my loneliness,
      your truth in my confusion,
         your wisdom in my folly...

A time when I trust, deeply,
   your strength in my weakness,
      your promise in my hopelessness,
         your wisdom in my confusion...

A time when your light dispels my darkness,
    your hand lifts up my heavy heart,
       your mercy gently wipes my tears away...

Unexpected gifts, these moments come
   more often than I know:
my fear and anger blind me
   and I often miss your drawing near, 
your strong arm reaching out to lift me up
   from all that keeps me down and holds me back... 

Let no graced moment pass me by, Lord,
   no gift from you go missing or unopened,
      no hint of healing peace escape my notice...

Break through my anger, hurt and fear
   and waken me to all you offer:
     rouse me to believe what I don't see...
Today, Lord, 
   in spite of all that's going on around me
     and happening inside me,
   send a moment of your grace, pure gift from you,
      to help me know that you are with me 
         in and through it all...  


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