Monday Morning Offering: 8/19

Image: George Mendoza

(Today's prayer is personal for me but I hope helpful for you
in any new beginnings you're experiencing in your life...) 

Good morning, good God!

I'm a month and a half into my new assignment, Lord,
and I'm grateful for so many things!

I'm grateful for the warm welcome extended by so many...

I'm grateful for a dedicated pastor and team to work with...

I'm grateful for a comfortable home to live in...

I'm grateful for a faith community committed
to opening its doors and reaching out to welcome in
any and all whom your Spirit calls and moves....

And most of all, I'm grateful, Lord,
for the opportunity to minister here
with you, and for you, and for your people...

But this morning, Lord, I offer you
some of the things that come with new beginnings...

I offer you my nervousness, hesitancy
and any lack of trust in others,
in myself or in you, Lord:
forgive me, heal me, grow me...

I offer you any false assumptions
born of pride or conceit,
clouding my view of the work at hand:
forgive me, heal me, grow me...

I offer you any bias or quick judgments
curbing my service or keeping me
from your wisdom and your counsel:
forgive me, heal me, grow me...

So, I offer you my thanks and praise
for the grace of this new beginning;
help me make my way and find my place, Lord:
lead me, guide me, bless me...


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