Monday Morning Offering: 8/5

Coffee in the Morning by G. Mendoza

I wonder, Lord, 
how many are the hearts this morning
lined up at your door
with petitions, prayers and cries for help 
as once again your people grieve 
the senseless loss of life,
victims of a killer's gun...

I wonder, Lord, 
how many are the hearts today
questioning how you, our loving God, 
allow such bloodshed, time and time again,
to be the morning headline's cry...

I wonder, Lord, 
how many are the hearts now moved
to take whatever steps they can
to act, to move, to vote 
for any way to end this tragic tale...

I wonder, Lord, 
how my own heart, aggrieved as many others,
will move beyond its muted fear,
giving voice to those whose cries
have been forever silenced...

I trust, Lord, I pray,
that in your mercy and your goodness
you 'll accept the heart I offer you this morning
and give me what I need to do my part
in ending this sad story,
this senseless loss of life,
this nightmare in our souls...


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