Monday Morning Offering: 9/16

 Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I offer you the joy of all
who will today find help, a friend, a cure,
some work, some rest and time to share a laugh...

I offer you the heavy hearts
of those bent low by sorrow, grief, loss and tears:
the hearts of all who weep today and call upon your name...

I offer you the peace of those
who will this day find healing, hope and trust,
a deeper faith, sweet mercy and forgiveness...

I offer you the wounded hearts
of those who've lost so much in love, in war, in life,
in promises broken and forgotten, never kept...

I offer you the faithful hearts
of those who reach out for your hand
when longing for your touch is all that's left...

I offer you the hope of hearts
who seek your peace when all seems lost,

when clouds obscure the sun, the moon, the stars...

I offer you the hearts of all who pray with me today:
receive and bless and heal with grace
our thoughts and words and deeds...


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