Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/5

Photo by Timothy Burnett*

I'll meet you down by a bend
in the river of my life
where I pray you'll calm my soul, Lord,
the way you slow the water's flow
to a peaceful, even stillness,
reflecting your glory and
a-shimmer with your presence...

By a stone wall of my troubles
we'll meet, Lord, just you and me,
and sit in sweet communion
in October's chapel, quiet
save for the plaintive psalms
of a few spare birds...

Under skies of frescoes freshly painted,
there we'll speak from heart to heart
in words that fail my lips,
in speech no ear can hear,
in prayers I know you hear
before they groan within my soul...

Let this be our appointed place:
a river bank within my heart,
in my soul's imagination,
deep within my prayer:
let this be the place where you and I will meet today,
down by a bend in the river of my life,
where your grace freely flows
and my heart finds the peace, Lord,
that only you can give...


*This spot is at the northwest corner of the yard at the Old Manse in Concord, where the Concord River makes a bend to the west.


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