Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/13

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I'm becoming more aware and more grateful, Lord,
for some particular moments in my everyday life...

Moments, Lord, just moments:
   some as brief as a fleeting insight,
   none much longer than a shared smile,
   a hand on my shoulder, meeting a friend's eyes...

Moments, Lord, sweet moments like
   an unexpected kind word,
   the warmth of a treasured memory,
   the smallest hint of hope in troubled times...

Moments, Lord, like
   a joyous riff lifting my heart,
   the truth of good news alive in my soul,
   a whisper of wisdom resolving my doubt...

Moments, Lord, like
   a trace of your grace from out of the blue,
   a wink from your Spirit confirming my trust,
   the sweet premonition that all shall be well...

Moree aware and more grateful am I, Lord,
for some particular moments in my everyday life:
may those moments be many,
may I miss not a one...



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