Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/23

Today's Pause for Prayer is a little different: it begins with a reflection on Snowflakes and Love and ends with a very brief prayer.  I hope the combination will help you pause for prayer today...

The complexities of the human heart are so many and multifaceted.

As it's true of snowflakes, so of human hearts: no two are identical - each one is unique.

Each heart has its own story and each story has been shaped and molded by different people, unique circumstances and the mystery of God's individual and singular touch upon every heart he's created.

Consider this:  God relates to me in ways uniquely and significantly different from the ways in which he relates to any other man or woman on the face of the earth or in the history of humankind.  And this is so because God knows me as I am and I am a unique creation of his hand.

With what great care, then, must we approach, accept and appreciate one another!

With what great openness and reverence must we honor one another, recognizing that God loves us in our differences as much as or even more than in our similarities.

With what great patience, then, must we wait on how others grow, change and respond to us and to the life and world around us.

Unfortunately, in the Christian life we often speak and act and judge and moralize as if "one size fits all."  In many important ways that's true but not in every way.  What does fit all of us is the command: to love and forgive one another as God loves and forgives us; to do what is just, to love what is good and to walk humbly with God...

Pause for Prayer

Help us care for one another, Lord,
with the love, patience and compassion
with which you care for each of us...

Help us do for one another, Lord,
with the kindness and gentleness
with which you care for each of us...

And give us, Lord,
the mercy, the kindness and the peace
you extend and share with each of us...



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