Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/7

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My prayer today, Lord,
is for myself and for anyone else
who tried to do the best thing for someone,
only to find out that
no matter how right it may have been,
no matter how well intended,
it ended up hurting someone we love,
someone we care about,
someone we wanted to help
someone we never meant to hurt...

In your storehouse of grace, Lord,
have you a blessing, a healing blessing,
a gentle, healing blessing
for those who've been hurt by family and friends
who never meant, much less wanted,
to do any harm at all...

We rely on your mercy, Lord,
when our own efforts,
however well intentioned,
seemed not to be enough,
sadly missed their mark
and brought hurt along with help...

Reach deep into your heart, Lord,
and find the grace and blessing
to settle troubled thoughts,
calm a shaken spirit
and restore a wounded soul...

Forgive the artless clumsiness
of what we knew was best, Lord,
and bless with peace and heal the hearts
of those we lift to you in prayer...



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