Monday Morning Offering: 2/10

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Got some upside-down, inside-out,
turned-around sideways thoughts, Lord
- and I'm not sure how to sort them out...

Some days I'm thinking one way,
the next day another way
- and sometimes the difference is hours, not days!

Sometimes I'm strong and confident
- until I start feeling hesitant, timid, unsure...

Sometimes I know exactly what to do next
- and some times I just don't have a clue!

My thoughts and feelings zigzag back and forth,
spiral up and down and around and around
- like a puppy chasing its tail!

Some days my thinking flirts with wisdom,
and some days my thoughts are naive and foolish...

Sometimes I think I've got things all figured out
- and then comes a day of total confusion... 

Sometimes I'm certain:
"God's in heaven, all's right with the world!"
And sometimes I don't know where you are
- and the whole world seems really screwed up!

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you the jumble of thoughts,
the mishmash of feelings,
the tangle of sentiments,
the patchwork of doubts
and the mess of emotions
that make up my life!

I offer all this with a prayer
for your wisdom and counsel,
your understanding and healing,
your consolation and compassion...

Help me, Lord,
in any and every way,
help me sort out my thoughts,
clear up my confusion,
make sense of my misgivings,
unravel my doubts,
resolve my dilemmas
and discover that peace of mind and heart
that's only yours to give...



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