Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/22

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Sometimes, Lord, I feel at home in my soul,
in my skin, in my faith,
in the circle of my family and friends,
in my work, in the world,
in your love...

But sometimes, Lord, in one or more of those venues,
I feel out of place, ill at ease, mismatched
- like a stranger, unfamiliar with my surroundings...

And that can be a good thing, Lord:
when I've wandered where I don't belong
to places I'm not meant to be,
apart from your desires for me...

But more often not, Lord, I feel out of place
when I'm not accepting of my life and lot,
when I'm champing at the bit to be somewhere else,
to do something else, with someone else
- when I wish I could be someone else!

When I'm not at peace with you, Lord,
not reconciled with those around me,
when I can't find my place in the universe
then I can't be at peace with myself
and that's when I don't feel at home
in my soul, in my skin, in the world,
in your love...

I need your help, grace and guidance, Lord,
to help me be at home in the place where I live,
at peace with the folks who people my life,
content with the journey you walk with me,
secure in your love,
in good times and in bad...

I want nothing so much as to be at home
in my soul, in my skin, in the world as I know it,
and in you, Lord, and in your love for me...

Make me restless to find my home, Lord,
until I find and make my home in you...



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