Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/29

Come back to me with all your heart...
Joel 2:12

Lord, if I come back to you
with all my heart
I'll be coming back
with a heavy heart...

My heart bears its share of burdens
and sometimes the weight of it all
threatens to crush me...

There's the burden of painful memories
and the weight of my grief over
loved ones gone,
mistakes I've made,
opportunities lost,
and time wasted
when I've turned and walked away
from help and healing offered me
by you and many others, Lord...

At times my heavy heart
weighs hard upon my spirit
and I long for ways to rise above
what holds me down
and keeps me from the journey home to you,
with all my heart...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Unburden me this Lent, Lord,
and lighten my soul
laden with grief, worry and memories:
stones in my heart's empty pockets,
weighing me down
and deeper down...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Free my heart of burdens, Lord,
lift up what I can't budge;
with your strength deliver me
rescue and preserve me
from all that threatens my serenity,
my integrity, my peace...

Come back to me with all your heart...

Refresh my soul
and put a new spirit within me, Lord:
help me walk the path
that brings me home to you
- with all my heart...

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