Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/16

I don't enjoy doing laundry, Lord,
least of all washing sheets and pillow cases
- but yesterday was the day...

I pushed myself to strip my bed,
throw the linens in the washer,
move them to the dryer,
and fold them well enough to avoid wrinkling
on the way back to my bedroom...

It was while I was grumbling
about making the fitted sheet fit my bed
that I caught myself,
brought myself up short -
or was it you, Lord,
you who helped me see myself
in my privileged first world mirror?

I caught myself grumbling about washing and drying
clean fitted sheets and pillow cases
when I might have been giving thanks for:
a large comfortable bed
in my own bedroom,
in a toasty warm house...

I might have been giving thanks
for sheets to launder in working appliances,
right in the basement of my house,
with plenty of detergent, bleach,
fabric softener and Bounce dryer sheets...

I might have been giving thanks
for plenty of warm blankets
to spread on top of my 400 thread count linens
- not to mention the extra sheets and pillow cases
on shelves in my closet...

I might have been giving thanks
when I found myself grumbling...

You know better than I, Lord,
that my problem's bigger than just
sheets and pillow cases:
open my eyes and make me grateful
for so many things I take for granted
every day and every night
and every time I do my laundry...



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