Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/20

Lost in the Crowd by Elinore Schnurr

There are times, Lord,
times that come too often,
times when I lose sight of you
- as when two friends in a crowd
separate from each other:
not an intentional disconnection,
not a calculated leave-taking,
but a gradual drifting apart
on waves of listless inattention
and careless distraction...

I wander aimlessly until I realize
I'm lost:
without you I lose my way
and my sense of direction
on the path my journey takes...

But when I'm lost
I find you're still there,
right there in the crowded confusion
of all that swept me from your side...

You, of course, never leave me,
it’s I who lose touch with you:
with your guiding hand
and your strong arm
holding me safe and close by your side...

And what a joy, blessing and comfort, Lord,
to find you again
to know I'm not alone
that in you I've found my way, 
my truth and my life...

Make me mindful of your company, Lord,
lest the crush of crowded days
find me drifting, again,
from the place I want to be:
the sanctuary of your Spirit
where I always find your presence,
your protection and your peace...



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