No palm this year? Then make do!

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday but churches won't be open this weekend and palm branches won't be distributed. 

What to do?

The suggestion has been made that folks take any decorative branches and affix them to their front doors - right where you might have hung your Christmas wreath!

When Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds waved palm branches - because that's what was available!
Did you know that in Russia, where palm trees don't grow, this is known as Willow Sunday? That's because in Russia pussy willows branches are available in early spring.  There's no magic in palm branches - the grace is in the hearts of those who wave them and welcome Jesus into their hearts and homes.  What better year than this to scout about our own neighborhoods and find a few branches to pin to the front door: a sign that here's a household open to welcoming and receiving Jesus who, in this Week we call Holy comes to bring us his peace in our troubles and joy in our grief.


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