Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/2

One thing I'm sure of, Lord -
today's news will continue to supply
plenty of distressing news and statistics:
   it's going to get worse before it gets better...

But I know that no matter how bad the news:
   the word of your truth will come to console us,
   the gift of your peace will anoint our hearts,
   your merciful hand will reach out to heal us,
   the strength of your arm will shield and defend us,
   and the promise of grace will bring us hope,
   your Holy Spirit will settle within us...

So, I pray you open my mind and my heart,
my eyes and my ears, my thoughts and my dreams,
my intuition and imagination
   to the word, the gift,
   the mercy, the strength,
   the promise and Spirit
   of all that is healing and hopeful
   in whatever way your good news
   comes to me today...



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