Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/30

Last night, Lord,
an old friend and I had a great Zoom conversation,
checking in and catching up with each other...

Looking back on the past, my friend said, 
"Well, that was me when I was Version 2.0
but I think by now I'm probably Version 4.5. 
My Creator keeps remaking me!"

I love that image, Lord!
You created me over 73 years ago
but you're still not finished with me:
I'm still a work in progress, 
your work in progress;
you're the potter, I'm the clay
and you're still shaping me
on your spinning potter's wheel...

And what version am I now?  
I'm really not sure -
but I am certain of this, Lord:
you never give up on me;
you never stop refining me,
smoothing my rough edges,
sharpening places where I've grown dull,
and mending and replacing
any torn and broken parts of my soul
- if not my body!

Whatever version I become, Lord,
you continue to offer me free upgrades
through the terms of your warranty
of patience, compassion and mercy...

You're my Creator, Lord,
and you never stop:
retooling me, recasting me,
repairing me, remodeling me, 
restoring me, reworking me,
reforming me, rebuilding me, 
reshaping me, remolding me
- you never stop remaking me
more and more in your image,
more and more the person
you created me to be...



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