NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 5/8

5/7 Moonlight, Jamestown, RI - Photo: Terry O'Sullivan Hoey

So many things have changed, Lord:
   how we live, how we communicate,
   where we go, where we don't go,
   how we worship, how we shop,
   what we do, what we don't do,
   what we shouldn't do, what we can't do,
   how we work, how we play...

As this day ends, Lord,
remind me of the things that haven't changed:
   the love of family and friends, our faith in you,
   your love for us, your presence all around us,
   our hope for tomorrow helping us through today,
   the changing of the seasons, even if it's slow this year,
   the warmth of the sun, earth's need for rain
   and the light of the moon and stars, always there,
      even when clouds hide their shimmer and shine...

Remind me, Lord, of all that doesn't change
and remind me, too, of all that can change,
of all that needs to change
in our world, our nation and our communities,
in our government, our churches and our work places,
in our communities, our schools and our families
- and most of all, Lord,
remind me of what needs to change in me
and help me use this time to grow
in faith in you, in self-knowledge
and in the grace that helps me become more and more
the person you created me to be...

Whether I see the moon and stars tonight or not, Lord,
remind me that, like you, they're always there,
just behind the clouds, aglow with radiant beauty,
your light upon my path...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm still awake
and watch over me when I fall asleep
that awake I'll keep the watch with you
and asleep, rest in safety and in peace...


Tonight's song: Clair de Lune (Moonlight)

Lang Lang plays Debussy


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