NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 5/24

Sometimes at night, Lord, I look back and wonder:
   how did I spend my time today - wisely or foolishly?
   did I do enough?  did I do too much?
   did I do what was mine to do today
      and did I do it generously and graciously?
   did I waste any precious time today?
   did I lose today's time for being stuck in yesterday?
   did I forfeit today's time, worrying about tomorrow?
   did I spend at least some of my time for others?
   did I spend at least a part of my time with you, Lord?
   did I thank you for all the time you spent with me today?

Scripture tells me there's a time for everything, Lord,
   and a time for every purpose under heaven...

If I wasted my today,
   forgive me, Lord;
if I was selfish with my time today,
   forgive me, Lord;
if I was foolish with my time today,
   forgive me, Lord;
if I gave in to purposes not worth my time today,
   forgive me, Lord;
if I took today's time for granted,
   forgive me, Lord;
and if I failed to thank you for the gift of this day's time,
   forgive me, Lord...

Day is done, Lord, and so I pray
   you'll bless my time this night
   with good rest, deep sleep and peaceful dreams... 

May the time I spend asleep tonight, Lord,
   restore, refresh and ready me
   for the time I'll have tomorrow 
   to grow in love and serve you
   in loving and serving others...

Protect me, Lord, as I lie awake
   and watch over me when I'm fast asleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
   and asleep, rest in your peace...

Turn, Turn, Turn sung by Judy Collins

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, 
A time to gather stones together

A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace,
A time to refrain from embracing

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace, I swear it's not too late


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