NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 5/27

I'm remembering tonight, Lord,
all the times these past two months
when I've  complained, grumbled and whined
- all about the weather!

It was too cold, it was so damp!
Was there a sun behind those gathering clouds? 
Would trees turn green? Would spring arrive?
The final insult? Snow in May!

But spring has sprung! The sun is out!
Long walks again, a daily joy!
Now comes the time for giving thanks
to you who kept your promise.

I'm quick to gripe, Lord, loud and clear,
whenever things don't go my way
but slow to offer grateful praise
for all I take for granted.

So, thank you for the springtime, Lord,
for light and warmth and longer days:
don't let me miss a single grace
that comes my way, a gift from you.

I thank you for this day, now done,
for all its blessings, large and small
and, bold to ask for more, I pray 
you send good rest, deep peace, sweet dreams.

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and guard me as I sleep
that awake I keep the watch with you
and asleep, rest soundly in your arms.


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