Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/22

Photo by Juan Rodriquez

Any patch of sunlight in a wood will show you something about the sun 
   which you could never get from reading books on astronomy. 
These pure and spontaneous pleasures are ‘patches of Godlight’ 
   in the woods of our experience.
- C.S. Lewis* 

Sometimes, Lord,
actually fairly often these days,
all the world seems dark and shadowed
and we sometimes simply wonder,
"Where are you?"

But something deep inside, a gently nudging Spirit,
softly whispers, prompting us to pray:
remind us and help us to look up and look ahead,
to look for your golden light, Lord, always shining,
softly glowing, piercing through the woods
that keep us in the dark...

Your light is there, Lord - there you are -
just a glance away, showing us the way,
drawing us to Godlight, welcoming and warm,
leading us to bask in the light that never fades...


* in Letters to Malcomb: Chiefly on Prayer


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