Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/25

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These are some of the folks I'm praying for...
For whom are you praying today?  
join me in offering our prayers together...
I have so many people to pray for, Lord,
and though I know you know their names
and the burdens each one bears,
I'll rest with greater ease
if I mention them now in prayer...

For the one who's heart is broken
as his family breaks apart:
be with him, Lord,
and help him through his trials,
day by day...

For the one who lives with pain,
who suffers many sleepless nights:
be with her, Lord, and make her well in body,
as strong as she is in her faith...

For the one who's grieving deeply,
whose life-long love's gone home to you:
be with him, Lord, and warm his heart
as gently as did she, six decades plus...

For the one who suffers pandemic fatigue
whose patience with waiting is wearing thin:
be with her, Lord, as time goes by,
be her help, her strength and her hope...

For the one whose faith is shaky,
who struggles to believe;
be with him, Lord,
and show yourself his loving friend
who never leaves his side...

For the one who prays and worries
for the health of one she loves:
be with her, Lord,
and help her trust your will and plan,
your love for every soul...

For the ones who live in our racial divide:
the abused and oppressed, the protected and privileged:
be with us, Lord, and show us the way
to confess, to repent, to change and to grow
'til division is gone and we're one in you...

For the one who is in prison,
who waits long days and nights:
be with him, Lord, and give him
freedom in his heart
until he walks free once again...

For the one who keeps her distance,
fearing friends may not be true,
be with her, Lord, and help her trust
in those who care for her
who want to be her friends...

For the ones who bear a burden,
unknown but to a few:
be with them, Lord,
and ease their minds, calm their fears
and give them strength to carry on...

For all the ones who've asked my prayers
for many different reasons:
be with them, Lord,
and in your time, in your own way,
lift them up and give them peace...



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