Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I've never been to Pikeville, Tennessee, Lord,
nor walked the Cumberland Trail there
but my cousin Rose lives just a few hours away
and posted this photo from a recent hike...

Photo by Rosemary Turner

This is but one view, Lord,
from one vantage point, at one moment,
on one day in August, on one trail,
a couple hundred miles long
- and I'm sure there must be thousands of views,
just as beautiful, reflecting your glory,
along the paths of the Cumberland Trail...

And that's but one trail, Lord,
among all the byways and footpaths,
crisscrossing the globe from my backyard
through hills and valleys and forests and glens
to the other side of the world...

So, this morning, Lord, I offer you my desire
for one glimpse of your glory,
from one vantage point, for one moment,
on one day in August,
on the trail of my life's journey
in these waning weeks of summer...

Your beauty is everywhere, Lord,
all around me and above me in the sky:
open my eyes and my heart to your glory,
reflected in a thousand ways
along the path I walk today...



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