NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 8/7

Tonight's song is an instrumental piece.  I'm placing it here, ahead of the prayer, so that you might play it (once or twice or more) while you're considering tonight's prayer text.  Tonight's prayer was inspired by a conversation I had this morning about the grace of looking back to see where I've been and where God has been in my day, and in my life...

Song at the End of the Day by Secret Garden

Another day in the life of - - - me!

I believe you were with me every moment of this day, Lord:
not for a split second did you turn away from me;
never did you let me wander from your sight;
I was always in arm's reach of your outstretched hands; 
I was never alone - you were with me all day long!

And I believe you spent this day, Lord:
pointing me in the right direction, 
prodding me, nudging me and maybe once or twice 
pushing me where I needed to go
- or rescuing me when I went astray!

And all day long, Lord, you were speaking to me:
sometimes whispering in my ear;
sometimes speaking through a friend's words;
sometimes teaching me through scripture's word;
and in the quiet of my heart, where there's no need for words,
I heard your message loud and clear: you love me, Lord!

How often, today, did I walk slowly enough 
   to see you by my side?
How often did I find a quiet place and stop what I was doing
  - just to listen for your voice?
How often did I ask for your wisdom
   to advise me on choices and decisions I had to make?
How often did I speak to you
   of my joys and sorrows, my confidence and my fears,
   of my faith... my hope... my love for you and for my neighbor?

As I look back on today, Lord:
   - when and where and how 
         was I most surprised by your presence?
   - when and where and how
         did I most need you in my day?
   - when and where and how
         did I grow closer to you as this day unfolded?
   -  when and where and how
         do I need to be more attentive to your presence?
Help me remember, see and treasure, Lord,
all the ways you walked with me today
and help me see the times I was too busy,
too self-absorbed - or just too lazy -
to pay attention to your presence, 
to listen for your voice,
to call on you in prayer,
to thank you for your friendship,
your grace and your peace
and all the ways you spent this day with me...

Give me a good night's rest, Lord,
that I might wake refreshed
and just a little more attentive
to your presence in my day and in my life...

Protect me while I'm still awake, Lord,
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...



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