NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 8/29

We begin tonight with a prayer poem from MS, a faithful reader, 
who shared this with me 5 years ago...
I look up at the night sky
searching for the stars and the moon,
looking for stability and hope,
for something to believe in

like my fears and the darkness within me
there's a vast gray above,
hiding that hope,
those twinkling glimpses of light

help me to trust my hope,
in faith and love,
when I cannot see it
when I cannot feel it
help me to find that strength
that is YOU inside me:
that light, that hope, that love...
There's something particularly beautiful, Lord,
in the night time summer sky:
something warm, something hidden, something bidding me 
to search the clouds padding the heavens, 
hiding the light of moon and stars,
hiding the light of your face...

As August comes to a close, Lord, 
sweep away the clouds
and let your face shine bright upon me:
enlighten me with trust and hope
by the light of moon and stars...

Protect me, Lord, as I lie awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Beyond the Moon and Stars by Dan Schutte

Beyond the moon and stars, as deep as night,
So great our hunger, Lord, to see your light.
The sparrow finds her home beneath your wing,
So may we come to rest where angels sing.

1) Our eyes have longed to see your loving face,
To live within your courts for all our days.

2) Upon our darkness, Lord, a light has shone.
You choose to dwell with us in flesh and bone. 

3) When life's great journey ends, and day is done,
Then may our eyes behold your Holy One.

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