A Pandemic Morning Offering: 9/28

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

For over six months now, Lord,
we've been caught in this long pandemic season
and while I trust that this, too, shall pass,
I don't see that happening very soon...
So, I think it's way beyond the time 
to offer you what's weighing on my mind and heart:
nothing I'm very proud of, Lord
- things I lift up for your pardon and healing,
for your mending and restoring...

So, I offer you my attitude which hasn't always been great:
I've been short-tempered, quick to judge,
easily disgruntled and sometimes just a jerk:
    forgive me, Lord, and give me wisdom
    to see my troubles in perspective;
    temper my emotions with your grace,
    your gifts of patience and understanding,
    of compassion and sensitivity...

I offer you the time I've wasted
(quite a bit as I recall)
and opportunities for good that passed me by
when I was lazy, distracted and selfish:
    forgive me, Lord, get me back on track;
    and help me make the best of this day
    and the weeks and months ahead...

I offer you my irregular prayer life
    - can't say I didn't have time
    - can't say I had nothing to pray for
    - can't say I didn't hear you calling me to pray
still, so many, too many moments of grace - missed -
encounters with you that would have brought me peace:
    forgive me, Lord, and open my heart to you in prayer
    whenever and wherever you draw me to your side...

And I offer you my worry, my anxiety and fears -
anything and everything that drains my soul of hope,
of faith in you, of my heart's certainty
that you are ever, always with us:
    forgive me, Lord, and restore my trust
    that all shall be well, that all shall be well,
    that all manner of things shall be well...

Finally, Lord, I offer you... 
(Take some time to remember what else you might offer,
might lift up to the Lord, asking for his mercy, his grace
and his help in your life...)  

Such is my prayer this morning, Lord,
my pandemic offering of all within me
needing pardon, healing, mending
and the gift of grace restoring me
to holiness, to life and peace in you...



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