NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 9/19

Another unexpected gift, Lord!
Some good friends came by 
and left me these beautiful flowers,
now sitting on the island in the kitchen...
Photo by CP

Every time I see them 
I'm reminded of where they came from
or, more precisely, who they came from:
friends of more than 25 years
whose lives and stories entwine with mine,
each strand making strong the bond we share...
These flowers are sacramental, Lord:
an outside sign, given in love,
making real, making present the grace of God,
given and shared in our friendship...
How many sacraments of your grace, Lord,
are part of my life each day?
   - the day's first light poking,
         peeking through my bedroom curtains
   - water flowing to waken and wash me,
        a morning shower of cleansing grace
   - the taste of an omelette and salsa,
         breaking my fast, starting my day
   - the breath and brush of fresh air
         as I take my first steps outdoors
   - the warmth of the sun, caressing my face,
         your touch upon my skin
   - the sound of anyone greeting me,
         welcoming me into the world

Your sacramental presence is everywhere, Lord:
   pure blessing and joy when I find it, touch it
      and allow it to touch and heal me...

Open my eyes and my ears, my mind and my thoughts,
   my heart and my soul, my hopes and my dreams
to all the ways and every way you reveal yourself to me
   in simple signs, given in love, making real, making present,
      the grace of the friendship we share...

With such thoughts in my heart at the end of this day,
protect me, Lord, while I'm still awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace... 


All Things Bright and Beautiful by John Rutter




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