Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/1

As I read and listen to the news, Lord,
I think of how much we need you
and how much we need your counsel,
your truth
and your Word...

In the face of so much hate
we're hungry for love, Lord,
hungry for love that gives of itself
until sin is defeated
and grace triumphs...

In the midst of so much shallow, foolish thinking,
we thirst for wisdom, bright and clear,
cleansing us of prejudice
bathing us in truth...

In a world gone mad,
drifting far from you,
we long for your embrace                                                                        
to hold us close and keep us safe...

We need your mighty arm, Lord,
for strength where we are weak:
we pray your presence save us
from the errors of our ways..

Our nation is divided, Lord,
broken, lost, adrift;
governed by stubborn pride;
torn by partisan bias,
and riddled through with prejudice...

We beg your intervention, Lord,
and pray you use the likes of us
to speak the truth with power,
to mend with care what's broken,
to unite what's torn apart,
to heal the wounds that bleed,
to right what's gone so wrong,
to raise our young in faith,
to fuel the fire of hope
to yield a crop of justice
and of peace...

In these troubled days, O Lord,
we can't do this on our own -
only with your help, your Word, your truth,
you Spirit pulsing, breathing deep within us,
only with the strong arm of your grace
will we find anew the peace
that only you can give...

Help us, Lord our God,
for without you we are lost
and without you we will perish...

Help us be your people
and deliver us, O Lord,
deliver us, we pray...



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