Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY

I can hardly believe it, Lord:
   3 months, 
   that's 12 weeks,
   just 91 days
   'til your BIRTHDAY!
And so much to do between now and then
- and I'm not talking Christmas shopping!
Three months of
    big decisions
    sensitive issues
    moral choices
    pandemic safety
    healing social wounds 
    critical responsibilities
    and lots of hard work...
We need your help, Lord!
We need your counsel and wisdom
    for making decisions and choices
        with far-reaching consequences...
We need understanding and compassion
    to respond to and resolve
        our social unrest and injustice...
We need patience and prudence
    to make our way through 
        this season of viral affliction...

We need your mercy and pardon 
    for the failures and sins
        that have brought us to where we are...
We need your strength to sustain us,
    your grace to inspire us,
        your Spirit to guide us...
Show us the way to what's right and just,
    decent and true, equal and fair:
        to what leads us home to your peace, Lord...
So, 3 months,
that's 12 weeks,
just 91 days
between now and Christmas day:
    be with us, Lord, we pray,
    be with us, Lord,  we pray!



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