Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/1

A strange and ancient change in calendars
makes October our tenth month
though by name it would be eighth
and so I wish it were
for I would love to find and gain two months
for making up for all we lost this year...
Still, it's the first of the tenth, not the eighth, today
and with that I must be satisfied and know
that three months hence this year will disappear:
a new one will arrive, a new beginning,
we shall call it...
But what of this year's ending,
these last three months, these 90 days 
before we sing the auld lang syne -
what shall we make of this last quarter?
A time to marvel at the hues
of falling leaves, apples picked
and chrysanthemums in bloom...
A time to pull on sweaters, 
hats and gloves, all warm 
against November's chill... 

A time for giving thanks 
at tables blest
with family, friends and food...

A time for starry nights,
for pine bough wreaths upon our doors
and candles lit in merry vigil...

A time for days made holy,
by harvest, hope and spirits high
and prayers for what's ahead...

Enough, indeed, to fill three months,
these sacred 90 days,
the last of this year's burden...
So, on the first of this tenth month, Lord,
bless the days and weeks ahead
with your presence, power and peace;
and brace us for the winter,
for a new year of your grace:
a new beginning's what we need, Lord,
a sweet new year is what we pray...



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