Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/35

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Sometimes, Lord, my life seems just
the "same old-same old,"
day in, day out
and over and over again...

I easily get caught in this cycle,
going nowhere fast, losing sight of hope
and all that tomorrow might hold...

But every day's a new canvas, Lord,
if I pick up my paints and my brushes...

Every day's a blank sheet of paper
waiting for me to write a new chapter...

Every day's a fresh lump of clay
waiting for me to mold and to shape and sculpt...

Every day you're waiting, Lord,
to show me what you'd have me see,
to speak what you would have me hear,
to lead where you would have me go,
to open my heart to someone new
and the promise of all that's yet to be...

Shake me free of the same old-same old,
waken me, Lord, to the day at hand,
the day you've made.
a day for me to live afresh, anew,
the only day I have today...


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