Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/22

Last Rose of Summer: Photo by CP

I wish the summer didn't have to end, Lord,
- even this strange, disheartening, 
  vaguely satisfying, pandemic summer
  of awkward restrictions, warm sunny days,
  daily statistics and canceled vacations...

I wish the best of summer 2020 didn't have to end but it has.
The equinox tells no lies, Lord:
fall begins today...
Of seasons there are four, they say,
but in just my life alone
I know a hundred seasons more:
seasons of peace, seasons of pain;
seasons of loss, seasons of gain;
seasons of sunlight, seasons of rain; 
seasons of comfort, seasons of strain;
seasons of waiting for seasons to come,
for seasons to go, for seasons to change...
So many seasons, Lord...

I know I should be grateful for the fall:
your annual, gentle preparation
of everyone and everything for the dying
winter always brings...

No, letting go of summer isn't easy...
You know the seasons better than I, Lord,
and no season changes, around or within me
but that you know first how each changing season
will change me...
Be with me, Lord, in all the seasons of my life
and in the in-between times
when moving from one season to the next
is yet another season's change 
for me to make... 
Help me bide summer's passing on, 
its slipping from the calendar,
and from my nights and days...

Take my many seasoned heart
and open me to all the changes
in the weeks and months ahead…

Be my guide, Lord, 
and walk me from the summer into fall,
walk me through this season’s change
and all its changes in my soul...



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