NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 10/14

Photo by Elizabeth G Brooke

 Tonight’s Prayer is inspired by Elizabeth Brooke’s beautiful photo which she captioned, “The brilliance of dying leaves.” 
The brilliance of dying leaves stops me in my tracks 
and will not let me pass 'til I consider 
how beauty outlives form, 
how surrender is a prelude to embrace,
how love survives a final, parting kiss...
The brilliance of dying leaves recalls a beauty 
known only in surrendering, 
embracing the absence of love - lost to Love itself:
to life forever, to peace that has no end, 
to the joy that waits me patiently;
as autumn waits 'til leaves upon the branches
let go their dying brilliance
in prelude of a beauty yet to be...

The brilliance of dying leaves 
stops me in my tracks, Lord, and will not let me pass
'til I consider how your grace outlives all nature's forms,
how my surrender yields to your embrace,
how all the love that's mine survives its loss
- to be found again in you...
The brilliance of dying leaves stops me in my tracks
and will not let me pass 'til I consider the mystery
of beauty lost and found again,
your warm embrace of shivering souls
and love outliving every death
'til nothing's lost and all is gain...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me as I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Tonight's music: an orchestra of Autumn Leaves...  Let it be a background for the brilliance of beauty that stops you in your tracks... for recalling loves and loved ones lost... for praying for the Lord's warm embrace of your heart in these cool autumn days...

Autumn Leaves by Mantovani and his Orchestra


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