Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/20

  Like everyone else, Lord:
   I just wanna to be happy...

And like everyone else:
   I know there are things
      I think will make me happy
   and things
      I wish would make me happy,
   and things that promise I'll be happy
      - but leave me feeling not very happy at all...

And like everyone else, Lord:
   I know the things
      that do make me truly happy,
   and I know the people
      who lift my heart and spirits,
   and I know the times and places
      where I spend my happiest days...

I know that being happy comes
   from seeking true and real and good,
that being truly happy
   is a gift no money can buy,
and that being happy has much more to do
   with having less than having more...

Help me discern, Lord,
between the ease of fleeting pleasure
and the depths of heartfelt joy...

Help me really let go 
   what fails to make me happy:
   what neither satisfies nor makes me whole...

Give me the strength to sacrifice and work
  for peace that settles deep within my soul...

Help me make choices and decisions
   leading to contentment, serenity and joy... 

Help me let go my fears and worries, Lord,
   and lift my heart to faith and trust in you...

Open my eyes to see what makes me happy
   and to know what never will:
 help me understand the difference
   and to walk on wisdom's path...

And remind me, Lord, today and every day:
   I won't be truly happy
      'til I find my joy in you...



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