NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 11/3










Tonight's a night
    that might not end with dawn, Lord!

This night's business might take days 
- even weeks - to be completed
and in the meantime we'll need 
    - your help in staying patient
    - your grace to keep the peace
    - your wisdom as our guide
    - your truth to help us judge
        what we have and haven't done
        when at last we finally know
        whom we've  chosen, who has won...
Keep us from acting hastily 
    on hearsay, misinformation and rumor...
Keep us from acting on doubt and suspicion
    without benefit of fact based evidence...
Keep us from responding with force
    before any conversation, dialogue and negotiation...
Keep us from unraveling what knits us as one,
    from dismantling all that we've built together...
Keep us as one people, Lord, one union of states,
     one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all...
This night's business might take days 
- even weeks - to be completed, Lord, and so we pray:
protect us while we stay up late tonight
and watch over us when we finally fall asleep
that awake, we might keep peaceful watch with you
and asleep, rest in the peace you give into our keeping...


Day is Done by the Notre Dame Folk Choir

1. Day is done, but love unfailing dwells ever here.
Shadows fall, but hope prevailing, calms ev'ry fear.
Loving Father, none forsaking,
Take our hearts, of love's own making,
Watch our sleeping, guard our waking,
Be always near.

2. Dark descends, but light unending shines through our night;
You are with us, ever lending new strength to sight:
One in love, your truth confessing,
One in hope of heaven's blessing,
May we see, in love's possessing,
Love's endless light!

3. Eyes will close, but you, unsleeping, watch by our side
Death may come, in love's safekeeping still we abide.
God of love, all evil quelling
Sin forgiving, fear dispelling
Stay with us, our hearts indwelling,
This eventide.  


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