Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 11/13

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The days blur, run together,
lose their individual identity... 
Time stalls, repeats. stalls again:
life as instant replay,
replayed instant replay...  
Time spent alone, 
too much time alone,
'til one day all alone is as 
all days all alone...

I need a time-breaker, Lord
(not a time out) 
I need someone who can 
   break through time
   jump start time, 
   override the replay
and fill my time with all that's
  new, other, mysterious, distinct, present,
    counter, spare, diverse and beautifully varied...

I need you to break through time, Lord,
not only on my clock and calendar
but in my mind's imagination, 
my heart's hopes and dreams
and my soul's unending search
   for your timeless love...

I need you, Lord,
to break through time and into my day,
the day you've made and given me
to spend with you,
to spend on love,
for the promise of tomorrow...



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