Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 11/8

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Our national motto sums it up well,
               From the Many, One
for such is our desire, dream and hope 
for our homeland, our nation, for America.
That's also our prayer, Lord, 
as it will be and must be
'til the day when we, the many,
blessed in our diversity,
equal in humanity,
are one in opportunity,  
united in sweet liberty, unfurled
as a flag upon the breeze,
o'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave...
And we've another motto, too:
            In God We Trust
Renew our faith in you and in each another:
heal our nation's wounded soul,
dispel the doubts dividing us,
rebuild this city on a hill
and from the many, make us one, Lord,
from the many make us one...

In you, our God, we trust:
may we not be put to shame;
as you're faithful to your people
keep us faithful to your truth...
That's our prayer this morning, Lord,
we need your wisdom, grace and strength
for the work that lies ahead of us,
the healing we all need 
and the sacrifice required
for  the unity we seek...
E pluribus unum:
in you, O God, we trust...

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