NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 12/26

On the Church calendar, the Christmas season begins with the vigil mass of Christmas and ends on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, celebrated on the Sunday after January 6.  This is why you hear Christmas carols in church long after the mall has returned to regular muzak!  In addition, Christmas is a feast which is celebrated with an octave which means the church celebrates Christmas not just for a day but for a week!  On these octave nights, we'll pray simply and savor the mystery and joy of Christ's birth in this special week.

I pray for a gentle night, Lord,
quiet enough to hear the angels sing,
to hear the message of their song...

I pray for a gentle night, Lord,
and heart to follow shepherds in the dark 
beneath a star that points the way...
I pray for a gentle night, Lord,
soft enough to hear a newborn's cry
and in a lullaby, a song of love...

Protect me, Lord, this gentle night
and guard me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Gentle Night by Tim Mannion

Gentle night, starred skies,  
softly list while the mother sighs.
Stone and straw must cradle be. 
There lies thron├ęd all majesty; 
there lies thron'ed all majesty.
Angels' song rings above, 
born the Son of the Father's love.
Helpless Child in warrior's stead, 
King of kings in a manger bed;
King of kings in a manger bed.
Shepherds watch 'neath the trees; 
cry of lambs on a quiet breeze.
Then God's glory from on high:
come, rejoice for your Savior's nigh;
come, rejoice, for your Savior's nigh.
Son of love, Son of life,
come to carry our sin and strife.

Sleep on baby and fare thee well:
all our hope and Emanuel, 
all our hope and Emanuel.



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