NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 12/1

Wreaths and trees, candles and carols,
eggnog and fruit cake, stockings and stuffers,
too much to eat, too much to drink,
Saint Nick in a sleigh and a partridge in a pear tree!

What have we done, Lord?
What have we made of your mystery?
The mystery of God who before all time uttered a word, 
an eternal word, a word of love, a word become flesh, 
flesh like our own, our blood and our bone  
now alive with a soul, eternal, divine: 
God's word eternal, God's living word, 
spoken to save, to heal and redeem, 
spoken in grace in the depths of our hearts,
God's word come to dwell with his people, his own...
What have we done, Lord?
What have we made of your mystery?
   Your timeless mystery entering time,
   your life divine now one with ours,
   your Father's word upon our lips,
   astir in our thoughts, aflame in our souls,
   mending our brokenness, making us one...

In these Advent days and evenings, Lord,
draw us away from the bright and shiny
into the mystery of winter's night sky
to wonder in awe at your timeless love,
spoken so simply in Jesus' name,
announcing forever that you're our God
and we're your people, saved by your Word...

Protect us, Lord, while we lie awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your mystery, your peace...


Tonight's song is... mysterious!  The lyrics and music blend as one, so beautifully, that you might just want to let the mystery wash over you. Or, you might follow the text of the lyrics and listen for them in the mystery of the song... 

 Advent Song by John (music) and Christine (lyrics) McIntosh


Look, God, look 
in the vastness of your dark  
hear this song 
in the chorus of the world  
where I sing 
for the glory of your coming
held by love 
as the music pours from me  
a flame within 
as the night falls around me  
hear my prayer 
and come through the darkness  
hold me waiting 
as you wait to be born.


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