NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 12/30

In this octave of Christmas, Night Prayer will be simple, looking to extend the peace and joy of Christmas over this special week on the church calendar.  So, relax, sit back with the Lord and savor the peace of Christmas...
It's the eve of New Year's eve 
and that seems a good night to ponder 
the wisdom, the knowledge,
the very mind of God...
With hindsight, I survey the year just past and see
how foolish has the world been:
how unwise its princes, priests and people,
how often witless my own ways, Lord,
how ill-advised, hasty and imprudent 
so many of my thoughts, my words, my deeds...
All this, and yet you open every day for our inspection
the depth, the breadth, the riches
of your wisdom and your knowledge:
you share with us your mind, divine
in word, in truth, in grace...
In the new year ahead,
open us up, Lord, to receive, to absorb, 
to love and to live by your wisdom:
forsaking our foolish ways
and walking by your light alone
through the darkness of our folly...
To you who share with us
so much more than we have merited,
more than we deserve,
to you be praise and glory, Lord,
now and ever more...

Protect us in your wisdom, Lord,
watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Who Has Known by John Foley

 1. Oh the depths of the riches of God.
And the breadth of the wisdom and knowledge of God. 
For who has known the mind of God? 
To Him be Glory forever 
2. A virgin will carry a child and give birth. 
And his name shall be called Emmanuel. 
3. The people in darkness have seen a great light: 
For a child has been born, his dominion is wide.



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