Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/4

Father's Embrace by Ruth Councell

I'm offering here a prayer (Embrace) that I wrote 19 years ago while on my annual retreat at Eastern Point in Gloucester.  I've reposted this prayer over the years in December, the season of Emmanuel: God-with-us.  In this pandemic year, however, it has added significance. In Ecclesiastes we're reminded that "There's a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing."  We live in a time "to refrain from embracing" which, perhaps, only increases our desire to hold and be held, by God and by one another...
You enfold me, entwine and embrace me.
You handle me, hold me and hide me.
You wrestle me, welcome and want me.

Your chin by my ear, your hand in my hair,
your arm 'round my back, my arms rounding you,
my face on your chest: I'm held in your warmth.

Your eyes keep close watch, mine close in deep peace.
Your fingers stroke softly my head's numbered strands.
Your grip is a gift, your grasp saving grace.

You whisper, 
"You're mine, I call you by name:
you're found and forgiven, brought home and beloved."

I breathe, 
"Yes, I am, shaped and healed by your hand.
You call me by name: I am yours, you are mine."


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