Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 12/17

Been praying over the weather report, Lord...

Of course I'm praying this storm
will be less severe than predicted...

And I'm praying that the homeless
find shelter from the wind and snow,
a warm place to stay, dry clothing
a bed for rest and a good hot meal or two...

And I'm praying that the plow platoons
will be safe in their work,
making streets and highways safe for us...

And I'm praying that not too many
will lose power and that those who do
will have it restored sooner than rather than later...

And I'm praying for first responders
who keep and rescue us from harm and fire
regardless of the snow's accumulation...

And I'm praying that pretty soon, Lord,
we'll all find something to talk about
besides the temperature,
Fahrenheit and Celsius...

But most of all, Lord, I'm praying we all might learn 
to focus half as much:
    on you as on the weather, 
    on your will as on the wind chill
    on your word as on the whiteout,
    on your wisdom as on the winter...

And if the storm should slow us down, Lord,
help us find some time,
some dedicated time to spend with you
out on a walk or sitting by a window,
wondering at the mystery of your presence
revealed in every solitary flake,
or drifting as dunes, 
clean, pure and sparkling with your grace...



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