Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 12/1

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If Isaiah could sing, this would be his song...


Prepare a way for you, Lord?

Well, first of all, I know you're already here,
you're always at my side,
And second, I know you don't need my help
to clear the road for you to travel:
you go anywhere you want, 
any time you want,
regardless of terrain...
So, what does Isaiah mean when he tells me
to prepare a way for your arrival,
to clear the highway for your coming?
Does something in my heart
keep you from dwelling
ever deeper in my soul?
Have I thrown up any road blocks 
impeding me 
from meeting your approach?
What's in the way between us, Lord?
Something needing course correction?
Something to be cleared away? cleaned up? 

I guess Isaiah's right, Lord!
Got some road work needing attention,
some Advent highway maintenance
to clear my path to you
as you make your way to me...


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