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One of my daily go-to sites for solid, trustworthy information and commentary on Church life is Where Peter Is.   Today, Fr. Satish Joseph offers his thoughts on Epiphany including these timely remarks:

Christmas and Epiphany have implications for the relationship between faith and politics. If you do disagree with me on this, please do respectfully, but, every election year, religion becomes a tool in the hands of the powerful. And this in a nation that upholds the separation of Church and State. Adding to the problem in 2020, cardinals, bishops, priests, and nuns jumped into the extremely partisan and polarized political arena, thus alienating those who did not share their political or ideological affiliation. I believe that when religious representatives become partisan, they compromise the power of the Gospel. Faith cannot become subservient to political whims. Faith must inform our politics rather than politics inform our faith. Our faith and our moral choices must be guided by the gospel! Nations must walk in God’s light and not the other way around! I say this sadly, but the contrary has become mainstream in our nation. I have no strategies to turn this around, but perhaps, at least we should be conscious and intentional when our faith and religious sentiments are being exploited by others. The Magi understood this and left Herod’s land by another route. It is time for us to take a different route in the new year.

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