Monday Morning Offering: 1/11

  Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

My offering today is threefold:
  my mind, my heart and my mouth...
I offer you my mind, Lord:
   call it to attention,
   open it wide, air it out,
   order its contents,
   fill it with good thoughts,
   infuse it with wisdom
   and prepare me to engage
      thoughtfully and prayerfully
   with all I know and meet...
And I offer you my heart: 
   open it wide, sweep it clean, 
   heal its wounds,
   mend its broken parts,
   smooth its rough edges;
   teach me to lead with my heart, Lord,
   and sync its rhythm 
      to beat as one with yours
   in my prayer, my words and my deeds...
And I offer you my mouth, Lord:
   keep it closely connected
   to my mind and heart!
Let my mind stand guard
   at the door of my lips
and my heart be the source 
   of all my words...

Especially in these times, Lord,
keep my mind clear and my heart pure:
   open my lips every day
   and my mouth shall sing your praise!

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